Serving Cooper Landing and surrounding communities since 1983

Contact Information

18511 Bean Creek Road

PO Box 517

Cooper Landing, Alaska 99572

(907) 595-1241

Library Hours

Monday 1-3   

Tuesday 1-3   

Wednesday 1-7  

Thursday 12:30-5

Friday 12-3

Saturday 11-2

Outreach Needed:

$7500.00 Cooper Landing Community Library Sweepstakes

Saturday, November 2, 2019, 6 PM


The Swan Lake Fire hit the community of Cooper Landing very hard, economically. 

Because of this, some local residents may find it difficult

to help the Library raise the required match for the yearly state grant. 

This grant pays for Wi-Fi (available to all patrons for free), utilities, and new materials. 

The library, and the services it provides, are essential in our small community, now more than ever. 

For this reason, we will need to rely on more support from outside our community.


Whether you can or cannot purchase a ticket, please reach out to those who can.


Only 150 tickets are sold, at $110 each.  23 cash prizes are given ranging from $125 to $2,000! 

Support your amazing little log cabin library. 

You do not need to be present to win.

Your purchase allows entrance for two to the dinner buffet and event at the Sunrise Inn!


Tickets available at the library or